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Hair Transplant

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What is Hair Transplantation?

Today most of the hair transplantation operations are made through FUE technique. Since it’s not a surgical operation the patients can decide easily. In FUE method the hair roots are extracted by special tipped micro-engines under local anaesthesia. Before the follicular extraction the hair in the donor area is shortened to 1 mm. Local anaesthesia is applied on the area of extraction and transplantation. Micro motor tip approaches to centre the hair root and according to the development angle of the hair pricks into the skin and pulls back. The hair is cut in a cylinder shape together with the surrounding microscopic tissue. The follicular unit is being pulled gently by a micro forceps. This automated system which reduces the graft waste to minimum also reduces the operation time and increase the graft number. The collected follicular units are being placed into tiny holes on the hairless skin.

Each follicular unit contains 2-3 follicles. Each graft is considered as 2,5 – 3 strands of hair. Depending on the gathered number of roots and baldness, it is possible to transplant 50-60 hair roots per square centimetres. The FUE method has a short recovery period after the operation, which is less painless as it is not a surgical operation.

Basically everyone can have a hair treatment. You should stop blood thinners one week before the operation as well hair treatment products. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages and avoid Tobacco products before the treatment. You can wash your hair with a soft shampoo, but it is better to not use hair care products. The day before your treatment, you can have a nutritious breakfast, but we recommend to leave the coffee or any other beverage containing caffeine. For your own comfort, you should wear comfortable clothes, as you will lye during the majority of the process.

The method of hair transplant has changed a lot from when it got started, most successful and common methods for hair transplants are:

  • Follicular unit strip (FUT)
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  • Low-Level Laser (LLLT) Therapy

But before deciding the method of hair restoration or transplantation you should consult and take guidance from a hair transplant expert and decide the procedure of hair restoration. While deciding the restoration method certain things are to be considered like the area of treatment, amount of restoration and most important, nature and quality of your scalp. The cost of the treatment depends upon the area, method, time and amount of hair restoration to be done.

It’s time to contact Este Pearl for Hair Transplant in Surat and to overcome the feeling of inferiority complex and embarrassment due to baldness and hair loss. Este Pearl has the talented team of hair experts, consultants, and surgeons who provide best services for Hair Transplant in Surat. We have all the latest machines and techniques and our main motto is customer’s safety and satisfaction.

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Facial Hair Transplant

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Beard Transplant

The definitive treatment for the lack of mustache on upper lip or beard is the facial treatment. The hair roots get transplanted to replace the mustache or beard. As these areas are different to the areas on the head, it needs a special treatment.

During the operation at one of the areas the hair roots get extracted by 0.6 – 0.7mm devices without using motors.  The transplanted hair roots will keep their previous characteristics and the hair continues growing. By doing it manually the transplantation process shortens and root necrosis may not occur since the roots are immediately transplanted.

The extraction area has a dark red appearance because of the blood clots caused by the needle and be removed by the first shower. The beard and mustache transplantation areas may be washed after 24-48 hours and the beard becomes visible as the blood clots are washed away and has an appearance of 2 or 3-day beard. For better nourishment of the transplanted beard by the body blood build up increases on the transplantation area and accordingly little red spots occur in 2-3 days.

This spot vanishes in 1-2 weeks.

After the 2nd week some part of the transplanted beard and mustache area will be temporarily lost which is called shock loss. And 4-8 months after the temporary loss everything will be replaced. The whole process can continue until 2 years after operation.

The first shaving is recommended to be made after 6 month (min.)

  • Mustache Transplantation

The definitive treatment for the lack of mustache on upper lip is mustache transplantation. The hair roots get transplanted to replace the mustache, For this, the hairy skin strip is cut and sliced into hair roots one by one. Afterwards, the hair roots are transplanted one by one to the mustache-lacking areas. Scars, surgical scars, burnt scars, mustache losses may completely be masked by transplantation. No-beard cases may also be treated through mustache transplantation. Only FUE techniques should be applied in mustache treatments because the FUT method doesn’t make satisfying results. By FUE technique, demanded number of roots can be extracted and transplanted to the mustache area considering the natural development angle. For the best result, also the patient self-determines the limits and the density of the transplantation.

When 1000 roots are transplanted to someone with no mustache at all, no-beard appearance will be removed but if tenser beard is needed than the number may be increased. In the event that the beard transplantation is made through FUE technique, no matter if it is dense or rare, it looks so natural that a hairdresser would not recognize the transplantation.

  • Beard Transplantation

For the beard transplantation the unnecessary roots of the beard get extracted for thickening the rare area, often roots on the cheekbone. The bear

No scar remains when the extraction is made by 0,6 - 0,7 mm tips manually and carefully. Accordingly, by the perfect extraction, the roots can be extracted from the lower part of the beard, the chest, lower parts of the nape even the cheekbone and transplanted to the needed places. Root extraction from the dense parts looking bad also provides permanent epilating which is an additional advantage.

The beard is not like the hair. The density may vary depending on the people. In case of a partial beard loss, the transplantation is made by taking the density of the surrounding area into account. If there is no beard, according to the request of the person and in line with the limits 1000-3000 roots may be transplanted.

Generally, transplanting 3000 roots gives satisfying results. If the transplantation is going to be made only to the mustache area, then 400-800 roots will be enough. The extraction area may have a pink appearance after 1-2 weeks. But there will be no scars left at the extraction area on the body or on the nape. In our extraordinary operations, even when 10.000 roots were extracted from the nape it’s still indiscernible.

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Eyebrows Transplant

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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow contour provides facial expression and is significantly important to a person’s appearance, contributing to the femininity or masculinity of the face. Without them, a person feels incomplete, self-conscious, and unnatural and this can cause great distress and anxiety for the individual Eyebrow hair transplantation is an advanced and very difficult procedure, however, in the experience of Dr. Arambulo, it is highly effective and successful when restoring or augmenting the eyebrows even with the single session.

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