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Erfolgsquote bei Haartransplantationen

All you need to know about hair transplant success rate There are many reasons why you might consider undergoing hair transplant surgery. Whether you want to try out this trendy procedure or correct a long-term defect, read on to find out about hair transplant success rate and what types of transplant surgeries are out there. […]
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Beste Vitamine für das Haarwachstum

best vitamins for hair growth Hair loss is a very common and frustrating issue that may occur due to lots of various causes. Very often a complex of different actions must be adopted to effectively cure receding hair. The first and must-do step to take here is adjusting the diet and ensuring proper vitamin intake. Healthy nutrition is […]
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Essen, um Haarausfall zu verhindern

Best Food Diet to prevent hair loss As you may already know hair loss can have many roots. Although very often, baldness is simply the consequence of malnutrition and lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Our hair follicles have high nutrient requirements. However, in case of a nutrient deficiency, our hair is the first thing to be […]
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Arten von Haarausfall

Types of hair loss Every person loses 70-100 hairs per day which is considered normal. A “true” hair loss only occurs when the amount of hair that falls are higher than those that grows. It is estimated that about 80% of men and about 50% of women suffer from hair loss. To do something about […]
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