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Trasplante de cabello DHI

DHI PRO Hair Transplant

DHI PRO Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Implantation is an application that has gotten far reaching as of late. As indicated by hair authorities, DHI procedure is a different hair relocate technique as it includes various phases of transplantation. In activity, somewhere in the range of 2 and 6 Choi pens and 15-16 Choi tips occur. These pens can have various sizes. More than one masters work to decrease the time and for a fruitful transfer. Be that as it may, this builds the expense of the activity by and large.

Hair relocate in Turkey has a more good cost by 80% of hair relocate tasks costs all around the globe. Moreover, quality is at the most significant levels. As anyone might expect, Turkey has pulled in enormous quantities of individuals from the Middle East, America and Europe.

What about the DHI prices?

Various variables influence the DHI hair relocate costs, for example, the join number, the qualities of the hair and inclinations of patients. Costs may increment as the quantity of unions increments. Remember that the area or strategy of the hair relocate focus is a significant perspective. Moreover, the costs may expand as indicated by the extra administrations, for example, prescription, PRP or overabundance hair transplantation.

As referenced over, the quantity of unions is a fundamental basis in deciding the cost. Be that as it may, a few centers may propose more joins to their customers to expand the expenses. We totally against this method. As per our fair strategy, we are agreeable to relocating the sufficient number of unions for magnificent outcomes.

DHI results and cost relationship

This strategy requires authority and Turkey has competent and experienced specialists for this application. DHI gives the nearest results to characteristic hair, despite the fact that it is a generally new procedure. In proficient facilities, specialists guarantee that individuals are content with the administration they get and the aftereffects of this strategy. Along these lines, DHI hair relocate cost can be higher in certain centers.

As a rule, DHI gives more common and victories contrasted with different strategies. Notwithstanding, edges of hair follicles significantly influence the idea of instinctive nature in DHI hair relocate. An accomplished specialist with proficient hands can put the hair follicles effectively in a brief period. Subsequently, in an expert facility, your hair will look more normal, and the recuperating time will diminish. The most significant perspective for a hair relocate activity is the mending time frame and the accomplishment of the methodology.

Since the technique is more confused and sensitive than others, the procedure is at more elevated levels as far as wages. Pros should put the hair follicles individually. Consequently, a lot of specialists, medical caretakers and hair masters play out the activity. Be that as it may, the quantity of meetings is not exactly different techniques. Thinking about the expense – impact relationship, DHI is an ideal strategy for the individuals who need victories.

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FUE Method DHI Method Results

In the FUE method, after the harvest is complete and the recipient area gets the necessary anaesthetics, the doctor comes and opens canals. Canals are tiny slots that will become the new home for the grafted follicles. 

To open canals, the doctor utilises a microblade. As we have anaesthetised the recipient area, the patient does not experience discomfort at this stage as well.

Depending on the number of grafts the patient is getting, the process usually takes six to eight hours to complete. 

DHI method is the most recent approach to hair transplantation. In the preceding method, FUE, we need to open canals before implantation (we will talk about this in more detail soon). The DHI method eliminates this aspect, and as the name suggests, we directly implant follicles. 

In this method, we utilise a set of special pens called Choii pens. Physician gets to work with a set of Choii pens. The doctor in charge of Choii pens presses the pens towards the scalp with an inclination to resemble the natural growing angles of the patient’s hair. 

Loading the Choii pen is a delicate job that needs attention, so multiple operators work in the background, all loading Choii pens. Usually, we employ eight to sixteen individual pens for each operation. 

Transplantations done by DHI method allow for denser implantation as the doctor opens each canal one by one, while they implant. Patients seeking a more full, thick hair around transplantation areas should consider DHI as their primary option. DHI operations usually take a couple of hours longer than the alternative method, FUE. Also, DHI operations require a bigger medical team to save up time too.

Often people experience a phenomenon called a shock loss. At around two to four weeks after the procedure, the hair on implanted follicles falls off, entirely or partially. This shedding can happen progressively or rapidly. At any rate, this is a natural response our bodies have, and thus, there is nothing to be worried about. 

After about six to nine months, most people will have 60% of their implanted grafts grow. Some patients use a popular hair growth medicine called Minoxidil at this phase. Nevertheless, we do not recommend it unless one of our experts advise you to do so.

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