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Unshaven Hair Transplant

The point of keeping up more agreeable and fruitful transfer activities has prompted different investigations in the field. Rough looking hair relocate or hair relocate without shaving is perhaps the most recent procedure in hair relocate. Particularly ladies with hair longer than 15 cm are more than content with the outcomes. Along these lines, an ever increasing number of ladies lean toward hair relocate without shaving to recover their solid hair.

Then again, men who would prefer not to change their hairdo or shave their hair can likewise utilize this strategy. Nonetheless, the technique needs a fastidious and exceptional work for better outcomes. In this manner, you ought to be incredibly cautious while choosing the correct office. Experienced and fit hands empower more victories.

Unshaven hair transplant 

The fundamental rationale behind shaving the hair before old-style Transplant tasks is that the specialist and the group can see the hair follicles all the more effectively and the versatility in the planting region is more agreeable. It isn’t hard to have traditional FUE relocate for men who are acquainted with utilizing their hair short. Be that as it may, it is hard for ladies and a few men who would prefer not to trim their hair before the technique. Consequently, bristly hair relocate, which is a moderately new method, empowers us to perform hair relocate without shaving hair totally.

There are two techniques to play out a hair relocate without shaving.

Territorial Trimming:

Our primary care physicians can relocate 1000-1500 unions with territorial cutting. We shave just a little piece of the benefactor zone, which is normally a rectangular region estimating 10*5.

Totally Unshaven Hair Transplant:

Particularly ladies with long hair who utilize their hair longer than 15 cm favor this strategy. Traditional FUE and DHI hair relocate are appropriate for this strategy. Contrasted with local cutting advertisement old style FUE, it is a serious and long haul practice. Our primary care physicians examine the qualification of the patient to play out this method.

Unshaven hair transplant  Turkey

Turkey is one of only a handful scarcely any nations which offer whiskered hair relocate. A great many individuals incline toward having hair relocate without shaving because of its enticing points of interest. Situated in Istanbul, Turkey, we offer whiskered hair relocate with a high achievement rate. Our office has encountered specialists and hair pros in the field of hair relocate. Our need is to fulfill the clients who come to Turkey for hair relocate tasks.

Unshaven hair transplant costs

In this strategy, activity costs change because of more work and time necessity. Longer activity time and the danger of achievement in hair relocate without shaving expands the no shave hair relocate costs normally. The solace of the patient and the achievement of the activity is a higher priority than the value point. You can locate the nature of administration with master staff in our inside.

Unshaven hair transplant results

The initial ten days after hair relocate without shaving, the roots are in the mending procedure. The most significant pointer of this recuperating procedure is crusting. Crusting is an impermanent procedure which will go after rehashed cream wash.

You may encounter tingling because of recently developing hair follicles attempting to arrive at the skin surface. Between one to a quarter of a year, contingent upon the individual, you can encounter stun balding. After the misfortune, your new hair starts to develop, and the stage is finished following a half year.

As a rule, no shave hair relocate results are as fruitful as different strategies. At our facilities, we are answerable for the achievement of the activity. Practically all bristly hair relocate results, which are in our primary care physician’s fit hands, are effective. We have a strategy of 100% consumer loyalty at sensible costs.

Unshaven hair transplant points of interest

This method doesn’t give a bit of leeway to the specialist, while there are a few no-shave hair relocate preferences for the patient.

  1. This method covers the non-tasteful postoperative appearance.
  2. You don’t need to surrender your current hairdo when the activity.
  3. You can come back to your every day life is a lot quicker.
  4. It keeps ladies from trusting that years will have their normal hair length.

The method turned into a favored one which is enticing preferences. These points of interest assist individuals with having a more agreeable postoperative period.

Rough looking hair relocate inconveniences

Notwithstanding these favorable circumstances, no shave hair relocate impediments may make you disappointed.

No shave hair transplantation requires substantially more exertion and tolerance, particularly for the hair relocate group.

Sterile condition is more hard to give.

Evaluating might be higher in no shave hair relocate activities.

There is somewhat higher danger of postoperative inconveniences. The patient may need to give more consideration.

Despite the fact that there are more than one inconveniences, you can defeat them by giving more consideration. Broad consideration and periodical assessments will be extremely powerful to dispose of these favorable circumstances.

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FUE Method DHI Method Results

In the FUE method, after the harvest is complete and the recipient area gets the necessary anaesthetics, the doctor comes and opens canals. Canals are tiny slots that will become the new home for the grafted follicles. 

To open canals, the doctor utilises a microblade. As we have anaesthetised the recipient area, the patient does not experience discomfort at this stage as well.

Depending on the number of grafts the patient is getting, the process usually takes six to eight hours to complete. 

DHI method is the most recent approach to hair transplantation. In the preceding method, FUE, we need to open canals before implantation (we will talk about this in more detail soon). The DHI method eliminates this aspect, and as the name suggests, we directly implant follicles. 

In this method, we utilise a set of special pens called Choii pens. Physician gets to work with a set of Choii pens. The doctor in charge of Choii pens presses the pens towards the scalp with an inclination to resemble the natural growing angles of the patient’s hair. 

Loading the Choii pen is a delicate job that needs attention, so multiple operators work in the background, all loading Choii pens. Usually, we employ eight to sixteen individual pens for each operation. 

Transplantations done by DHI method allow for denser implantation as the doctor opens each canal one by one, while they implant. Patients seeking a more full, thick hair around transplantation areas should consider DHI as their primary option. DHI operations usually take a couple of hours longer than the alternative method, FUE. Also, DHI operations require a bigger medical team to save up time too.

Often people experience a phenomenon called a shock loss. At around two to four weeks after the procedure, the hair on implanted follicles falls off, entirely or partially. This shedding can happen progressively or rapidly. At any rate, this is a natural response our bodies have, and thus, there is nothing to be worried about. 

After about six to nine months, most people will have 60% of their implanted grafts grow. Some patients use a popular hair growth medicine called Minoxidil at this phase. Nevertheless, we do not recommend it unless one of our experts advise you to do so.

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