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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrow Transplant, Every detail on the human face is highly important. In this sense, eyebrows are not only aesthetically important but also functional. The primary task of eyebrows is to protect the eye from sweat and dust.

Besides, we use our eyebrows to give non-verbal messages thanks to the muscles under them. However, eyebrows lose their youthfulness and volume in time. It is possible to increase the density and redraw the shape of your eyebrows with eyebrow transplant.

Nape hair grafts have the best quality to be donors because of their structure. The most crucial aspect to consider during the procedure is the angle of the eyebrows. Another element is the opening of the root canal. Grooving can cause scarring. In the transplant area, there are often 40-50 roots per square centimetre.

There are some reasons behind the eyebrow loss.

  • Ageing: As you get older, your hormones change. Therefore, eyebrows may fall in time.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Not receiving the right foods and unbalanced nutrition can be the reason.
  • Drugs: Some drugs attack the hair cells while they are treating the condition, and cause their hair follicles to fall out. For instance, chemotherapy drugs have this effect while defeating cancer.
  • Genetic: Hereditary conditions such as male-pattern and female-pattern hair loss are the most common causes of eyebrow loss.
  • Mental status / psychological: Stressful events and emotional shocks may cause eyebrow loss, although it is temporary.
Eyebrow Transplant Possible Side Effects

Complications in eyebrow transplantation are very few. Bleeding, infection and scars are very rare. However, you may experience eyebrows growing in different directions if your doctor is not an expert in his/her field.

Although recovery time in eyebrow transplantation is very fast, it is vital to choose an experienced surgeon to ensure a healthy healing period.

As a health institution, we inform our patients about even the smallest risks. Eyebrow transplantation generally has the same procedure and process as a hair transplant operation. In this sense, the success rate of the results is at the same rate as hair transplantation.

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

Eyebrow transplant is one of the most preferred treatment methods in Turkey. Hair follicle transplantation with FUE and DHI methods are becoming more widespread as they are more effective and the most permanent solutions. In order to obtain a natural appearance by giving right angles, it requires experience and more importantly, talent in eyebrow transplant. In Turkey, lots of experienced hair surgeons perform operations.

There are other methods to have new eyebrows in Turkey. However, permanent makeup and tattoos on the eyebrows can damage the roots of the eyebrows. Laser removal of these procedures applied to the head can also damage the roots of the eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant is profoundly different from other methods with delicate details.

An experienced doctor and capable team are crucial for an eyebrow transplant. Therefore, you should not leave such a serious application to the assistant personnel. The specialist physician himself should perform the operation, not an assistant under the supervision of a doctor.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Although DHI is the best method to perform eyebrow transplant, FUE is also suitable for this operation. The patients will be under the local anaesthesia, which lasts for a couple of hours so that they can relax. Before planting eyebrows, doctors determine the donor area.

Usually, the most convenient area is the nape for eyebrow transplant as the roots in the back of the neck do not easily spill, and these roots have the most robust hair structure on the body.

An average of 500 grafts is enough to obtain healthy-looking eyebrows. The number of grafts varies according to the size and thickness of the present eyebrow, which may be different for each person. The hair shaft comes out of the skin at an angle of 45 degrees. Therefore, doctors should carefully place the follicles. Otherwise, the eyebrow may come out differently, and it may go to the opposite direction or downwards. For this reason, an experienced and qualified doctor should perform the operation.

Eyebrow Transplant Results

After the application, no situation requires the patient to remain in the clinic. Some hair strands begin to fall out after the operation, which is completely normal. With the new hair, the eyebrows will become natural over time.

You can see the density of eyebrows gradually increasing 3 weeks after the operation. Two months after the surgery, you can observe the final results. Usually, the healing period is completed after two months. It is relatively fast compared to other transplant procedures.

Considerations After Eyebrow Transplant
  • It is possible to see tiny, pinhead crusts in the plantation area for a week. However, these shells do not prevent the patient from returning to work and daily life as they disappear rapidly.
  • You should wait at least weeks to go to the sea or the swimming pool.
  • You should cover the eyebrow from intense sunlight and solarium.
  • During the first month, intensive workouts might be dangerous.
Eyebrow Transplant Costs

It is not possible to mention a standard price for the eyebrow transplant. Clinics determine eyebrow transplantation fees according to the number of roots and the area of operation.

On the other hand, the experience and skill of the centre and the physician performing the transplant are crucial factors that affect the cost. Therefore, it will be more advantageous for you to contact the centre directly. Experts will give you detailed information about the eyebrow transplant costs.

The quality of the procedure is more critical than transplantation prices. You should search for different price ranges. However, try to find a clinic that you are sure about its quality. An unsuccessful operation may make you regret your decision.

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FUE Method DHI Method Results

In the FUE method, after the harvest is complete and the recipient area gets the necessary anaesthetics, the doctor comes and opens canals. Canals are tiny slots that will become the new home for the grafted follicles. 

To open canals, the doctor utilises a microblade. As we have anaesthetised the recipient area, the patient does not experience discomfort at this stage as well.

Depending on the number of grafts the patient is getting, the process usually takes six to eight hours to complete. 

DHI method is the most recent approach to hair transplantation. In the preceding method, FUE, we need to open canals before implantation (we will talk about this in more detail soon). The DHI method eliminates this aspect, and as the name suggests, we directly implant follicles. 

In this method, we utilise a set of special pens called Choii pens. Physician gets to work with a set of Choii pens. The doctor in charge of Choii pens presses the pens towards the scalp with an inclination to resemble the natural growing angles of the patient’s hair. 

Loading the Choii pen is a delicate job that needs attention, so multiple operators work in the background, all loading Choii pens. Usually, we employ eight to sixteen individual pens for each operation. 

Transplantations done by DHI method allow for denser implantation as the doctor opens each canal one by one, while they implant. Patients seeking a more full, thick hair around transplantation areas should consider DHI as their primary option. DHI operations usually take a couple of hours longer than the alternative method, FUE. Also, DHI operations require a bigger medical team to save up time too.

Often people experience a phenomenon called a shock loss. At around two to four weeks after the procedure, the hair on implanted follicles falls off, entirely or partially. This shedding can happen progressively or rapidly. At any rate, this is a natural response our bodies have, and thus, there is nothing to be worried about. 

After about six to nine months, most people will have 60% of their implanted grafts grow. Some patients use a popular hair growth medicine called Minoxidil at this phase. Nevertheless, we do not recommend it unless one of our experts advise you to do so.

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