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Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery in Turkey

Nose surgery is a medical procedure that intends to reshape the nose. It is also known as rhinoplasty. People who have health issues due to their noses’ shape, the ones who have nose deformation caused by accidents, or the ones who simply don’t like their noses’ form can undergo rhinoplasty. It is a common medical procedure in today’s world. If you don’t have any specific health issues that keep you from taking the operation, you can leave your worries aside.

How Does Surgery Process Work?

The first and the most important part of the nose surgery process is the determination of your medical history and diagnosis of your needs by your doctor. Especially, bleeding disorder may cause severe problems for rhinoplasty. Any wrong statement about your medical history may lead to unsuccessful operations. So, be sure that you give correct and complete information to your doctor beforehand.

Secondly, the surgery requires anesthesia. The type of anesthesia, whether it will be local or general, depends on your surgeon’s preference and complexity of the surgery. After applying the anesthesia, you are ready for the operation.

There are two ways to perform surgery. It can be either performed through your nostrils, or through a small external touch at the base of your nose.

Our surgeons can readjust bone, cartilage, or skin according to your needs. Since the nose structure and amount of available material vary from person to person, the surgeon can choose between different ways of operation. For small changes, the surgeon may use cartilage taken from inside your nose or from your ear. Larger changes require larger pieces of different parts. In this case, your doctor use ribs, bones from other parts of your body, or implants.

Once all readjustments finish, doctors stitch up the incisions on your nose, and the surgery is over. Afterward, you will need to spend a day or two in the clinic under the doctors’ supervision.

Nose Surgery in Turkey

Nose surgery in Turkey is particularly successful and pleasing for many patients. For both medical and cosmetic considerations, experienced doctors perform the surgery. Reducing the nose size, correcting breathing problems, restoring any nasal deviation and contouring nasal tips are examples of accomplishments of nose surgery in Turkey. The operation usually lasts for 1 or 2 hours, and 4 hours at most.

There is no age limit for the surgery. Yet, we don’t suggest young people under 15 or 16 to undergo this operation.

Nose Surgery Cost

Although the cost changes according to the specifics of the surgery’s pricing, nose surgery in Turkey is quite low for most patients from overboard. The high exchange rate of Turkish currency to English Pound and Euro makes the operation in Turkey very favourable. Even when you include your travel and accommodation expenses!

Nose Surgery Cost Overall

If needed, the nose surgery is a procedure that you don’t have to be afraid. With our specialized doctors, you can overcome your nose-related problems easily. Don’t forget to visit our website and obtain detailed information about the process and price!

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Fruitful clinical results require a blend of clinical aptitude, cutting edge innovation and excellent consideration. Dedication Hospitals Group furnishes patients with world class social insurance administrations from more than 90 nations with its 10 emergency clinics in 5 distinct urban communities of Turkey.

EstePearl offers distinctive and exclusive services for hair transplantation in Turkey and beauty services as well, we have more than one hospital of our own in Istanbul, and our services start from the airport by receiving and bringing you to your hotel and your tour guide comes and takes you on a tour inside the private hospital in which you will perform your operation After that, the procedures for your operation begin to discuss with the doctor responsible for conducting it, and our services do not end after the end of the operation, as we follow up with you the results of the operation for a full year to ensure the results of the operation and its continuity.

Often people experience a phenomenon called a shock loss. At around two to four weeks after the procedure, the hair on implanted follicles falls off, entirely or partially. This shedding can happen progressively or rapidly. At any rate, this is a natural response our bodies have, and thus, there is nothing to be worried about. 

After about six to nine months, most people will have 60% of their implanted grafts grow. Some patients use a popular hair growth medicine called Minoxidil at this phase. Nevertheless, we do not recommend it unless one of our experts advise you to do so.

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